BOP, Brother Outreach Program, matches individuals who have documented financial hardship and are in need of professional or trade services, to service providers donating or subsidizing those services. We verify financial need through a detailed, yet sensitive, vetting process. All applications are handled with the utmost confidentiality and respect. Currently, only HOD brothers are eligible, although there are plans to expand the program to the rest of the Jewish community. All three Atlanta area HOD lodges participate in the BOP, and there is a central HOD structure to handle all requests. This BOP Director, Doug Stein, coordinates the program and all applications for need or assistance should be sent to him.

Services available for those in need under BOP ranges from medical to legal, chiropractic to financial. Our experience has been that this is a very rewarding activity, especially for those donating services. We look forward to being able to expand this program and helping more of our neighbors.

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